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Why I post

I could tell you all about the amount of coffee I drink in a day, what my opinion is about Billie chasing my feet around the house, how you ALWAYS fart on sleepover parties while lying very still in the hopes no one is still awake, how much bullshit articles exist in most women’s magazines that are there to sell you stuff, how much I like the bird on my mug, how I always disappoint myself dying my own hair cause it’s never 100% the right colour, or that I don’t have the right posture when I’m sitting here typing this.

But I won’t. I know it’s really important for many people – and it once was for me – to post as often as possible on their blog, but I decided to only post things that matter. Articles I’ve written about significant matters, tiny stories about what I’ve dreamt, attempts to write in Dutch, short stories, stories I wrote for my online course, travel stories from when I was feeling lonely and happy, it can really be anything. I kind of live on emotions. And that should show.

So if that means I’ll be posting here only once a month, so be it. Of course, if I ever write a fantastic piece on farting in your sleep, you’ll be the first to know.

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