What is an info-graphic? (Schwandt Animation) - Imme Visser
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What is an info-graphic? (Schwandt Animation)

What is an info-graphic?

An info-graphic is a visual portrayal of facts, numbers or knowledge and consists mainly of imagery, such as charts, illustrations, and maps. An info-graphic can help explaining complex information and abstract processes in a clear and appealing manner. Short captions supply an interpretation of your content.

The form of your info-graphic is largely determined by the provided information. Forms most common are data-visualisations,  process-visualisations and explanatory info-graphics. Various applications are:

still — in print —,

animated — to tell an end-to-end story —

and interactive, to have users explore the information themselves.

When creating an info-graphic, please keep the following in mind: your message, your target audience, the purpose of your message, and the choice of media used. Possible pitfalls are: an unclear message, dodgy information, too much input, lengthy text and using a wrong form.

An adept info-graphic designer is involved in selecting form AND content, and will, if needed, conduct research individually. The most important stage in creating an info-graphic is analysing and structuring the information. The designer will, after analysing the content carefully, create a conceptual translation. Not until there’s a clear and approachable story on paper, designing will start. Design influences the conveyance of your information, and makes aforesaid information look visually captivating; all aiming to tell your story in the best way possible.


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