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Weekend in the sun

Saturday I woke up super content with the sunshine coming through the shutters. Finally. Spring, or, LA weather. Me and Janice (Katies mom) went to the grocery store (Trader Joe’s) to buy stuff for me and so I eventually, after a week’s time, bought my own homefood so I won’t need to eat out all the time. And the best granola! Fruit is expensive here, unfortunately, and soare macadamias and frozen pizza.

After lunch Dawn (Curacao girl) came to pick me up in a cute little car with the music blasting through the roof window. California-road trip-style. When I opened the door there also happened to be a tiny dog inside, Hollywood style! We drove to Griffith Park to go visit the old or abandoned Zoo and when we had asked about 35 people the way, we found it. There were still old cages from when the zoo was open years ago and overall it was just a beautiful park. After that we parked the car somewhere to watch the view over LA and walked up to the observatory. It was beautiful again. Everything is.

At night Katie and Bradford took Janice and me out to the Comedy Store at Sunset Boulevard! It started a bit cheesy but then the third comedian was really funny and it just got better after that. The comedians were apparently famous from Comedy Central and tv and talk shows but I don’t normally watch stand up so I wouldn’t know. There was only one female comedian so after a while the show got a bit sexist male perspective ish. The comedian we saw last was the one Katie and Bradford knew and his act was most creative and really fun. After that we went home and I went straight to bed because late!

This morning suddenly Daylight Saving Time happened and I missed an hour. I then went to Venice Beach with Janice and it was suuuch great weather and palmtrees and beach and hipsters and rappers selling you your album. I feel like I’m just bragging here. I’m sorry for that. There’s just not so much negativity here, perhaps the only thing is that I feel tired easily all the time.

After Venice Beach we drove to Dawns house and Dawn and I walked up to the Grove, which is like shopping/farmers market Disneyland. We ate a hot dog and frozen yoghurt (pinkberry) which was pink and fruity and delicious although there was this stupid blonde Hollywood lady behind us complaining about how long it took. Then after seeing Topshop and Forever21 and Whole Foods (love.) we went to Dawns house and watched a movie. Then we went out to a Vietnamese restaurant and now I’m home watching Girls, on tv!

I feel like bragging. I feel tired. I just do new things all.the.time and it wears me out and makes me happy at the same time. I might go to San Diego and Phoenix still! Yeah. Going to sleep after Girls.

  • Sven

    March 11, 2013 at 9:10 pm Reply

    Love your writing style. You’re amazing.

  • Mikki

    March 12, 2013 at 1:13 pm Reply

    I love it too! And now I want to go to Whole Foods

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