Two Weeks Before Christmas - Imme Visser
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Two Weeks Before Christmas

Under the blankie everything’s chill, this is a warm couch and from here I can easily get hold of television gear, my glass of lemonade, the overload of crisps and sweets casually hanging around and my phone. Actually, I’m lying on my phone right now, because my phone is always too close and might as well be a newly discovered body part. I have to get to class but I know I won’t, I know I won’t even go downstairs to make a sandwich or get my book, because it’s too damn hard.

Whiny, lazy, greasy hair. It’s two weeks before Christmas and this means I won’t do anything properly anymore. I just want daily life to stop – it’s too dark outside anyway – and to crawl back inside a nice Christmassy cave where no one bothers me.

Hear Hear! You say, this is what Christmas songs should be about! Unfortunately for me, I still had lots of classes coming up, I had to work and I had to pass my driving test. On the other hand there’s that Muse concert. Oh, that Muse concert.

Last Monday night, my friend and I went to Amsterdam’s new concert venue Ziggo Dome to see Muse play live. I had already seen them before, in 2007, but that was quite a while ago and I can’t remember much of it. When we entered Ziggo Dome we were stunned by how huge it was, and that people hung away your coats for free, and that there were hardly any queues, and that there were escalators going up and down everywhere! This is the future. After a quite scary few steps to our chairs – we were seated up the highest balcony and could not hold on to anything – we settled down and waited for the show to start.

Andy Burrows played first, and I’m afraid to say he was a bit boring, but then Muse came up and totally blew us away. Literally. No, not literally, but in such a powerful, bombastic, Muse-kind of way that I saw everyone around me going WOW. The Dubstep wasn’t just dubstep, it was dubstep made from screeching guitars, accompanied by big chaotic laserlights and such an allround sound! I should stop trying to describe it, but it was probably the best concert I’ve been to in years.

Then there was the driving exam I didn’t quite pass this Wednesday. I must say I did my written test so many times I’ve become immune to failure that has anything to do with driving a car, but it was a little sad to see my driving instructor so dissapointed. If there’s other people involved, I’d rather please them than myself, but on the other hand it’s not fair to have other people pressuring you, when you’re really okay having to do the driving test again. So, 2013 will give me a second chance and I will gladly take it.

2013. This year sounds weird and futuristic all of a sudden. I just saw The Hobbit in theatres – and REALLY enjoyed it – and realised that The Lord of the Rings films were already shot a decade ago. I have lived for two decades and almost three years and for almost half of them I knew about those films. For half my life I’ve known about Harry Potter. I could probably do this in my head for hours, since I have nothing better to do because



I can finally eat and sleep and party like a true dwarfhobbit. See you in the new year!

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