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Thank you

Even though I have the hiccups now, I feel so content. I have had the best two days! On Wednesday Blayke, a model I met on the second day I was here, picked me up and we drove all the way down to San Diego. It is such a relaxed feeling to be out of LA for a while and San Diego felt much more towny: we went to the harbour where people rode their bikes and there were all kinds of souvenir shops and cafés with people sitting outside. A Vlieland-feeling, almost. We took the ferry to downtown San Diego and although it was more city-esque, the whole atmosphere felt smaller and maybe a bit European even: cafés and little restaurants and bars instead of fastfood chains. After we had walked around for a while and had a ridiculous candy-buying incident (the lady behind the counter weighed our candy and wanted to charge us about 18 dollars so we scooped half of the candy out) we went back on the ferry and drove to Blayke’s favourite restaurant, where her mom and aunt were waiting for us. They were both superwelcoming and hugged me and that felt very different from LA as well.

After dinner we went to see Matt, Blayke’s boyfriend, in his place and watched a movie while I was being attached to my phone. Sorry guys. Blayke is the first American person that I met that I can feel is kind of on the same page as me and understands my Dutchness and my sarcasm, for the most part, and while I get really frustrated with language sometimes, she is patient. It’s just, especially when I’m tired, the words don’t come out right and the grammar will be off and whatnot, and I get irritated because I’m supposed to be fluent in English. Anyway, that evening I suddenly kind of lost my voice (not enough water that day? Too much talking?) and I had obtained the Phoebe sexy voice. It’s still not entirely back to normal.

This morning – I stayed at Blayke’s – we had tea and donuts and bananabread in the backyard next to the swimming pool. I so much love being able to eat outside all the time. After our breakfast we went to shop at a cool New Age store that had all these oils and candles and native American stuff and jewellery and plonky music and insence. We drove to Matt’s house, after having shown me Mexican candy, which is spicy! There, we picked up Matt and Nigga the dog and went on a hike alongside a river, which was probably the scariest hike I’ve ever done. We had to cross the river all the time and the stones were slippery and spikey and the water quite deep and I was afraid of slipping and hitting my head at the same time as dropping my bag in the river and getting everything (phone, camera, passport) wet. Luckily this never happened and we got to our secluded beach and splashed around for a while, but then Nigga (about the size of a kitten) got cold and shivery and we went the whole way back again. I used a wstick to get across and I must say my shoes are dying, the soles have come off and there’s holes in them too. Goodbye Parisian shoes.

Then we ate at a BBQ place where they had the best ribs and the worst country music and Blayke and Matt drove me all the way up to LA again in the dark. We drove past Chino and I thought OMYGOD that’s where Ryan grew up!!!! Thank you so much for the awesome days and getting me out of the big city for a while, yay.

When I came home there was a postcard from my parents. I love you.

  • Romke

    March 22, 2013 at 11:55 am Reply

    Geweldig Im, wat een avontuur. Fijn dat Blayke je meenam. Is San Diego ver rijden? Ik heb eigenlijk geen idee. Het fenomeen dat je minder goed op woorden in een vreemde taal kunt komen wanneer je moe herken ik wel. Het blijft natuurlijk toch een vreemde taal hoe vloeiend je ook bent. ik kijk uit naar je foto’s, die zie ik wel wanneer je weer terug bent in Nederland.

    • Imme

      March 22, 2013 at 6:58 pm Reply

      San Diego is ongeveer 2,5 uur rijden

  • Laura

    March 22, 2013 at 6:44 pm Reply

    Oh wauw, dit klinkt echt als een heerlijk weekend. En ik ken het maar-ik-hoor-fluent-te-zijn gevoel. Vooral als ik bij native speakers ben maak ik er een zooitje van.

    Trouwens, heb jij moeite met het Amerikaanse accent goed verstaan? Een vriend van Ruben is namelijk Amerikaans en als hij heel snel praat, vind ik het soms lastig om te volgen.

    • Imme

      March 22, 2013 at 6:58 pm Reply

      Ik kan iedereen eigenlijk meestal verstaan!

  • Margot

    March 22, 2013 at 10:31 pm Reply

    Leuk om te lezen dat je voor het eerst LA uit bent geweest en dat het zo leuk was!
    De tulpen op de kaart zijn hier in de tuinen nog niet te zien.
    het is nog steeds overdag een paar graden boven nul.

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