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And then suddenly, 4 days to go. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It feels weird and a bit sad but also super exciting to go home!

Yesterday at around four I came back from a family vacation – with Blayke’s family, that is – to Yuma, where we stayed from Monday to Wednesday. There was just the big open desert, the Quechan reservation and the casino resort full of old people (or those that stayed too long in the pool), but it was so much fun to me. We even did an easter egg hunt around the pool, looking for eggs that had your name on it, and that felt so much like my own easter family vacation (that is happening this weekend, at home, not envying them in this weather). On that same day we went to the movie theatre and when most people watched The Call, I watched Jack the Giant Slayer with Blayke’s uncle and little cousin. And I had fun, cause giants and the British and old tales and Nicholas Hoult and Ewan Mcgregor. I almost cried when they showed London in the last scene. Maybe I’m more of a Brit than I thought.

So now I’m back and haven’t been outside today cause of terribly sunburnt shoulders, neck and cleavage that I unfortunately cannot cover up! It even hurts to wear a bra so yeah, I’m not going outside. I’m reading The Amber Spyglass and it’s almost finished and I really don’t want it to. It has kind of been my homesick-book, the story that I read to feel happy and warm and familiar again.

Tomorrow.. I don’t know. I still want to go to Joshua Tree and to the Host movie and do a picknick and buy minnetonkas and bike around.. That might fit into the days left, only I’m not doing a picknick alone. Luckily there are these sweet girls living in LA at the moment that I’m so glad I’ve met and they would perhaps go with me.

Well. Back to my book and pretzel crisps. You’ll hear from me when I leave the country.

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