Stage One: Disbelief (fiction) - Imme Visser
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Stage One: Disbelief (fiction)

Dear Marie,

I could not help but notice that you haven’t responded to my correspondence for at least three days. Worse still, your last letter arrived over a month ago. Don’t think I blame you Marie, no, I have no doubt you have a lot to say to me and your letters must have gotten lost in the mail or you have forgotten to post them. I decided to give you some space and to stop writing you for a while. This morning I saw that you had been online but hadn’t tried to contact me, so I think you are probably busy. Maybe you are decorating your new house.
I am doing great! I am still living in the same place, as you might notice when you get this letter and see the address. I’ve written it down twice, once on the back of the envelope and once on a little post-it that I will add to the envelope. Anyway, I said to myself, let’s inform Marie about the changes I’ve been experiencing, to shed some light on the whole situation. You see, Marie, I really think I’m a different person than I was before.
I will explain what I mean in three points:

1) I am almost with job! I didn’t find one yet, but I’m certainly looking every day, more than ever before now. I have subscribed to several job hunting websites, even a few that you have personally recommended to me. Thank you, Marie. I am also going into town every other day to look into shops and shop windows and see if anyone is looking for help.

2) I am really active now! As I said before, I walk into town every other day and that takes me about twenty minutes so that means that I walk forty minutes on those days. Certainly not lazy anymore, Marie! On the days that I do not go into town I even try to do some exercises to train the muscles. I think I can already see the results of these efforts. It makes me happy that you wanted me to feel so healthy. Why did I not see that at the time?

3) I play fewer video games! I made a deal with myself to only play games for a maximum of three hours a day, and on some days, when I feel like I’ve come that much closer to getting a job, I might just play for six hours. But that is the ultimate maximum. It’s actually really good for my social skills, Marie. And it helps me relax. You might think it’s lazy but I read some University’s research that says gaming is good for your brain. So. It helps me on all different kinds of levels.

Now you know what I mean! I think it has been a real transformation, living by myself, and I feel like I’m ready to take on the real world now. Just like you said. So it might be good for you to come back now. I don’t mean any pressure. Of course you have a house of your own now so if you want, I could move in with you instead of you coming back? See what works for you. Again, not to put pressure on you but you did promise that you would come back. So.
I look forward to hearing from you soon! Hey, you are online too. Maybe you will hear from me sooner than expected. I’ve really changed. Really.




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