Speculative Societies (translation)

Speculative Societies (translation)

“What if nature no longer exists?” Asking questions like these, we’ve arrived on fascinating territory. A new area where reality and impossibilities come together. In this place, we allow all of our fantasies, dreams or fears to roam free. In this place, we cross the border into the unknown.

It’s in this place we can discuss the future before it has become our reality, and it’s here we can focus on the prospects of the future we long for – and avoid the ones that scare us.
This magazine is an exploration of such possible prospects of the future. We travel through worlds which came alive in my imagination. Partly based on research and the reality of everyday life. The scenarios I envision are far from complete, but give us insight in possibilities.
In this magazine I won’t present solutions or answers. I will ask questions. I will share thoughts, ideas and possibilities which will hopefully dare you to think about an alternative reality. As a reflection on the world in which we live, so that we see that our reality is only one of the possibilities. And maybe not even the best one.

Follow me on my journey: dream with me, escape into your imagination and explore the world of the Transparents, the Bioprocessors and the Manipulators.


For Speculative Societies Magazine, by Arie Mallegrom. Translation Dutch – English.

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