Sound of the Police - Imme Visser
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Sound of the Police

Yesterday might have been the warmest day this week, if you think 30 degrees is warm for winter, which I do. Still, we went out shooting and after hair and make-up was done at Katie and Bradfords house and I looked like a 50s housewife, we drove away. Not before stopping at Subway where I walked in, curlers in my hair and all, to buy a sandwich. Apparently this is totally normal in Hollywood as no one really looked surprised.

Anyway. We drove to Malibu Mountain state park, which was incredibly beautiful, curvy roads through mountains and hills of grass and green and trees and rocks. We stopped at a pond that looked like it came out of a movie: picknick tables surrounded it and there were blossom trees and boats. Too bad that there was a sign that read ‘no trespassing’ and something with ‘arrested’ and we decided not to take the risk. We then drove to a grassy field full of yellow flowers and a great tree. The field had a cool looking fence around it and I felt like farmer’s daughter.

I then was warned, by Brad, to watch my steps in case of rattlesnakes. Sure!I’ll walk here in heels and just run away when I see one. We took pictures on the fence and in the yellow field and we’re just setting up for a video, when a police car arrived.

“Who is in charge here? What are you doing?”

“We’re just taking a few pictures.”

“Is she an actress or model?” Pointing at Katie.

“I love my wife,” said Brad, “But she isn’t skinny enough to be a model!”

And so the lying began and I was lucky they didn’t ask me anything because I can’t. Lie. Physically, I become weird and spastic and red.

“Do you know where you are?” Asked Police Man threatingly.

Apparently we were on federal state grounds. Whatever that is. And we needed a permit. So after Katie and Brad showed their IDs they were of course googled and the policeman came up with Healthy is the New Skinny and Natural Model Management. They could take our equipment, but wouldn’t. Thanks man, so nice of you.

We drove off, discussing crazy scenarios, and stopped again at Malibu beach and I was happy. Beaches make me instantly happy. We shot the video and some more pictures there and were ready somewhere before dinner time. I am really excited to see what the pictures will turn out to look like! We went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and my fortune cookie said something about ‘work hard blablabla’. Okay, I shall.


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  • Margot

    March 14, 2013 at 9:07 pm Reply

    Toch wat spannends meegemaakt!

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