Soft easy silhouettes by Baserange (Imprint Magazine)

Soft easy silhouettes by Baserange (Imprint Magazine)

Baserange, founded in 2012 and based in Denmark and France, produces a line of affordable under and easy wear. Their garments are basic and modern, created to show soft silhouettes that emphasize the natural beauty of the body. They focus on high quality organic fabrics and try to come up with innovative ways to minimize their carbon footprint.

Exclusively working with small family owned factories in both Porto (Portugal) and Odemis (Turkey), Baserange try to reduce their impact on the environment by working close by their headquarters in Toulouse (France). And, in the case of garments produced in Turkey: the label’s suppliers singlehandedly work with natural fabrics like silk, linen and wool. Especially when it comes to the amount of water and chemicals used in production, the brand takes great consideration in working environmental-friendly.

When working entirely sustainably is not an option, Baserange tells their customers: this way they can choose whether or not they want to buy that particular product. A big part of their garments has not been dyed or chemically bleached.

Interestingly, the website states ‘underwear’ and not ‘lingerie’. It features photos that in no way sexualise the models. This is a rare event in the fashion and commercial photography of underwear. The Baserange models come in different shapes and ethnicities and just stand. It’s like the photographer asked one of their friends: “hey, can I take a picture of your outfit?” and proceeded to take a quick snapshot. At times the models stand in front of a window, looking outside. Or they’re hanging against a wall together, laughing. There are no glamourised shots of the body, no push-up bras and hardly any make-up is used. We see resting facial expressions in photos where it’s all about the garments. Comfortable.

Apparently we don’t need photos of big-breasted models gazing into the camera full of simulated lust, in order to want to buy a pair of undies. Baserange show us a world in which body comfortability is a given, and they do it well. The label sells products around the globe, with stores in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Sustainability doesn’t need to be a luxury. Clean and simple designs on comfortable models portray a world where it’s all about easy living, and mixing natural beauty with the contemporary.


Summer store:

You can now purchase Baserange in their first temporary international summer store in No Order Market, Melbourne. Check the Baserange website for more info on where-to-buy.


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