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I’m biking to uni – people get mad at me when I say school and also when I say uni, so really, it doesn’t matter – and it’s frost-on-your-snood cold. Today is the day of my last lecture. Also, I have to do a presentation on Gender in a Renaissance poem. I love the subject, I hate the talking.

There are only six people: those that have to present. Last lecture means last lecture of the course as well, one that most of my lazy classmates won’t get out of bed for at 9 in the morning. I wouldn’t too, if it hadn’t been My Most Sentimental Lecture Ever. The course is taught by the professor that also gave me my first lecture while studying English literature, I was then scared of him because he knows so much, now I really respect him. And his grandpa-beanie.

Of course I am the last person to present today. It’s the last-name curse and a personal horror, though today it’s mostly annoying because I’m yawning all the time and don’t want to come across as rude. I haven’t eaten anything yet because my nerves don’t like food and it’s cold in class. Well. I am an emotional wreck.

During the break SUDDENLY one of the boys in class throws off the cover of the big, black piano in the corner of the room and starts playing the most beautiful symphony. “This is for me,” I think dramatically, “it’s because this is my last lecture.” The atmosphere in the classroom changes completely, from scary and cold into extremely comfortable and commercial-smiley. I have to look at the ceiling trying not to jump up into a bawly thank-you-so-much-for-being-here-during-this-special-lecture kind of speech, and I don’t even know these people personally.

Then the lecture is over. “HELLO I would like to start my lecture, please,” Bitchy Professor In Hallway says. I haven’t presented yet. One of my professors walks up to me and says, “I am so sorry!” as if he is personally hurt, “I have a meeting at 11, but maybe we’ll meet again in the future!” I think I am in a film. Three people, Beanie Professor and I walk to another classroom, where it’s nice and warm. I do my presentation. It goes so well I think I should do this for a living. Everyone is completely entranced by the intelligence that appears out of my mouth. I do do the speech.

“Thank you,” I say, “for being here after lecture hours, listening to me present. This is the last lecture of my Bachelor’s. Thank you for playing the piano, it made it extra special. I LOVE YOU ALL GOODBYE.”

I turn around dramatically, my cape flutters around me in a magical movement and I fly away into the future.

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