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Since I’ve been here for a week now, let’s try to define the American. Luckily there’s only millions of them and sure, they’re all the same. I’m guilty of thinking this way. What we see on television, internet and movies back home might be partly true, but here are some things I found out about living in the US and encounters with random American strangers:

– Their ‘how are you’ still freaks me out. I don’t know why. I’m never quick enough to answer or to say it back so I just smile and say hello.

– Lots of Americans wear leggings as pants. And somehow it doesn’t really bother me cause their bums are in shape so there’s nothing wobbling around at me.

– People are friendly. They are always, always happy to come up and speak to you and compliment you on something. In an honest way. Maybe this is because of the sun.

– Yes, there are a lot of fat people. And a lot of skinny people. But also a lot of in-between people, just like anywhere else.

– The Whole Foods is a paradise and should be cheaper than the regular grocery store and in every backyard. I want to move to Whole Foods.

– People are never skeptical or sarcastic. This bugs me a little because as I am Dutch, I am both of these friendly personalities and I feel like people sometimes don’t understand that I’m joking. On the other hand, if someone in the Netherlands would say ‘I want to be a singer’ it would be received with a lot of skeptical ‘suuuuuure’s, whereas here, they applaud you and seem interested.

– The sun creates a happy mood and an energetic body.


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  • Romke

    March 12, 2013 at 8:44 am Reply

    Very perceptive Imme. I recognized a few of your remarks and opinions. The longest I’ve been around Americans was during a bike trip, those people were all clad in lycra and not leggings. Maar ja, herkenbaar zo hier en daar.

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