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Not Everyone Fears a Butt (

Good afternoon,

Today (and probably always) I will be representing The Butt. Fashion now has more or less accepted that some women have larger breasts (think Lara Stone) and made an icon out of those, but has not yet willingly acknowledged the bum area. I hope femininity is not only restricted to the upper area of your body, thank you.

Not everyone fears a butt, though. I’ve done shoots with photographers that were, to say the least, horrified that I had to work mine off to become a successful fashion model. I’ve had lingerieladies gasping with pleasure because they had finally found someone that could actually fill up the undies they brought with them. Fine, most of the time I could not fit into the tiny Italian jeans the stylists brought with them. One time, an art student actually ripped open (!) one of her own designs and tore it off my body because it didn’t fit all the way over my hips, which left me quite traumatised. Ups and downs, people, ups and downs.

When quitting regular modelling and getting into freelance modelling, or managing my own shoots, I realised that backstage, people stopped expecting a certain body. I am a natural pear shape, which stylists suddenly seemed to be happy about: bring on the high-waisted skirts and shorts! The idea of going into plus-size modelling, although it astounded others, sounded great to me and I adopted the thought of pizza every day. Later I understood that plus-size comes with a certain ideal image as well, and there I was, all proud of my bum, staring at my upper body. Seriously, could these upper arms be alittle more curvy?

From the world of “You have got a GREAT face, lose the hips”, I went into “Perfect hipsize, though your face might be a little too edgy..”

I always felt big and bulky, now I feel like a little girl between a horde of supersexy, feminine women with sulky lips and hourglass shaped bodies. Should I present a sexier image now? Me?! I have come to great terms with my famous bum, we often take long walks on the beach, share nightly snacks and have good talks. Now I would like the modelling industry to pay attention to the fact that there’s more than two types of bodies too. I can’t force my body to be either skinny or big. I am a pear. I also like apples, strawberries, bananas, carrots, grapes (I have to admit I can’t see this either), oranges and all other kinds of fruit that actually look like shapes. Please, do not send in your grape-sized-body pictures.

In all seriousness, I like my own body shape. I feel comfortable standing in front of a mirror. I hope you do too, even if you don’t belong to a specific media-hyped body type. That’s just because they haven’t met us yet.

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