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As I’ll be leaving this country tomorrow, there ought to be some kind of conclusion. The United States of America. Los Angeles. Hollywood. The conclusion must be that it is too easy to judge.

Is Hollywood glitz & glam & famous actors everywhere? I am afraid not. There might be actors running around but they’re hidden safely behind their car windows and although I saw one, that was random ‘good luck’. I know the ‘actors are people’ thing is annoying, but really, there’s nothing that exciting about seeing another human being, especially one you don’t know personally. So Hollywood boulevard then? I’ve learned that it is a place full of superheroes and villains (from Captain America to Bane), crazy people, tourists that crave fame and use it as their personal runway, the odd Angry Bird and a lot of youngsters on skateboards.

Los Angeles as a whole is a nice city, it is big, but I learnt how it’s divided into smaller places quite easily and the buses are okay too. They take forever, but the view (that odd Angry Bird waving and jumping around/ rows of palmtrees) isn’t so bad! I admit I did not see much of L.A. so I can’t really draw a picture here. From where I went I loved Venice Beach, cause of the Camden-y atmosphere it oozed, I loved Griffith Park and the observatory from which you could see the city, I loved the Grove’s Farmer’s Market and its busy-ness and I loved the little neighbourhoods hidden away in the hills, where the houses were painted orange and pink and the patio’s were all decorated for living outside. I loved getting to know the neighbourhood and taking the bus and getting familiar, cause in the end it felt like home and I even used the word. Also, the international feel of L.A. is cool. I spent an evening chatting to people from Canada, Germany, Italy, Slowakia, Russia and Sweden, all models of course, and people from Israel, and loved that everyone was kind of enjoying the same things. People from all over the United States travel to L.A. to ‘make their dreams come true’ or any of the sort and so you’ll meet people that have moved a lot in their lives. I am not sure if I even met people that were born in Los Angeles.

The American stuff I did: going out for dinner almost every night! I thimk I’ve cooked three times. In a month. It’s absolutely crazy and I won’t be able to continue doing it cause we don’t have all the cheap food chains, plus it’s not so healthy. Still, going to dinner American style is eating your food in about 30 minutes and then leaving: it’s all about business, quick quick quick. In fact tonight there were people standing next to our table, waiting for us to finish! That would receive some complaints in ye olde Nederland. I have gained a dangerous obsession for frappuccino with whipped cream and however cheap that is here, it won’t be back home, unfortunately. And I really have to stop eating whipped cream every day. Oh well. I’ll cope, the weather is different here anyway.

As I’ve written a whole blog about California’s nature already, I will not do that again, but LOVE anyway. Whale watching tried to trick me again and it of course worked so I did not see any friendly water mammals, nor ‘killer’ ones, but I’ll be back. L.A. cannot sum up what the United States is all about anyway, cause it is its own little world. Religion is less of a threat here (I am sorry to say that it is a threat) and I did not experience the American Dream yet. I only saw a dozen flags.

All in all the real deal, what everyone is doing here, doing anywhere, is tryingto fit in and feel at home. You go away on an adventure, but you want to feel at home. Make it your own. And I’m proud to say that I might just have done that a tiny bit.

  • Maarten

    April 2, 2013 at 8:59 am Reply

    This all sounds great, except the whipped cream part, but don’t worry we have half a can in the fridge here. Can’t wait till you’re back. Love

  • Romke Visser

    April 2, 2013 at 12:49 pm Reply

    A nice and final posting about your stay in LA. Hooray, you noticed that apart from actors quite ordinary people do live in that city. That goes for all of the US. Although on the whole I found them a little less progressive than in Holland and a little more focussed on just the US of A. Which seemed to be the world for them. And as you know the world is bigger. Love to have you back here and thanx for all your postings.

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