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Good morning Upper East Siders, I’ve watched too many episodes of Gossip Girl, ate too much ice cream and pizza, received dozens of Christmas presents and now it’s 2013. Weight of the world: back on. Pressure of making this the best year so far: not so much. I’ve grown more optimistic through the years, thinking that this year might be exactly such a succesful year as 2012 was for me, personally. Of course, there are the things that never change, such as:

January Spring Season. Or, as I would like to call it, ‘Almost Summer’. The search for new sunglasses, bathing suits, floral dresses and summer shorts is now officially opened. I don’t care if those bathing suits will only be used once on a sunny day in July. Or never.

January Cleaning Frenzy. Alright, Christmas tree, since you’ve been a good boy you can stay for a few days longer, but everything else, out, out, out! Go ye old last-season clothes, go with the wind, and the dust, as we sweep you into big garbage bags and overcome our most hoarding fears. A house as fresh as the new year, that’s what I long for. Unfortunately our house is so tiny those garbage bags now prevent us from opening closets or walking through halls.

January Should We Move? Everything is in the way. Since we’ve thrown out most of our unwanted stuff and this house still feels small, perhaps we should look for a slightly bigger one. With a garden. Or a balcony. And an actual dinner table! Will keep you posted.

January Book Now! Holiday homes and cottages will be snatched away from under our longing noses if we don’t do something quickly! I want to go to islands, linger on sunny rocks while my legs are splashed with lukewarm sea water, explore ancient cities full of little alleyways, gelato shops, spooky towers and clotheslines high up between houses. My friends always find me utterly mental when I start talking about summer holidays in November, but now it is January, I’m allowed. Croatia maybe?

January Exam Season. Right. What am I doing here? I have to study. Now.

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