Imme, 26, writer, finding my way into the post-uni world

BA in English literature and culture (Utrecht University, Netherlands) and an MA in Creative Writing (Bath Spa University, UK), I now try to hack my way through the artist slash influencer slash café job world. I find myself part time chaotic idea-producer, and aspirant author. Let me rephrase that: I am an author. Travelling is my first priority and I collect as many experiences as I can handle. I bring people together for picnics and I pat strange cats. Short term obsessions are my writing life. I believe in feminism and being kind. You could not find a person more vulnerable in directness. I would move to a city in a foreign country tomorrow. Writing words is what I do, imagination is key.

Editorial & Copy

Exploring the writing and editorial world is exciting: I want to learn by researching and writing on fields such as gender, travel, (pop) culture, digital communication and millennials. I have many, many interests and would study them all if I could. I’m looking to freelance at (online) magazines, newspapers, write content, translate or become part of the editorial staff somewhere. I’ve been freelancing since 2013 – writing anything from commercial texts (copy, sales, online content), to lifestyle writing + journalism (fashion, blogs, interviews, features, travel) and more formal business texts (legal, energy, b2b). I write in both English and Dutch, although writing down my heart’s desires seems better in English.

I’m really interested in writing for papers in the style of Volkskrant Magazine, ELLE, LINDA., or something equally smart, witty and out there questioning the status quo. Currently I write about pop culture and feminism for Vileine, the coolest Dutch feminist journalist platform. Next to this I write about studying abroad, international lifestyle, travel and life in different cities for Abroad Internships and AtSkool. Creating projects together with a small team of motivated people makes me a happy gal.

My focus forever? Travel. Exploring. Living other people’s lives.


In my creative fiction, I do not shy away from commercial stories and I often reflect on today’s society as a backdrop. My work has an edge, a certain darkness and features lots of communicational tension. Intensity in relationships between people is the only thing I care writing about. I believe it is significant to speak about the struggles the people I surround myself with face, whether that is to do with anxiety and depression, or women’s rights. Endlessly inspired by brooding dreams, the people around me, feminist articles, the novel Fates & Furies, Margaret Atwood and Philip Pullman. I am currently working on my first novel.

I’m available as a freelance (copy)writer, translator (English – Dutch and Dutch – English) and travel journalist. For a full list of all my can’s and can’t-do’s, go to my LinkedIn page.

Convinced I’m cool?

You need words. I’m here for you. Contact me through

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