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When I used to watch The Hills on MTV it didn’t occur to me. When I saw Hollywood Hills on the map it didn’t occur. When I was in the car and actually saw them, it didn’t occur to me. THESE HILLS ARE F-ING STEEP! I was dropped somewhere far far on Hollywood boulevard and decided to walk home. Hollywood bl was okay, it was busy and I saw Bane and Star Wars people and Snowwhite, but it was flat. Then I had to walk north towards where I live and this one hill was so steep that it looked like I wouldn’t even been able to walk on it. Like it was vertical. I used to dream about roads like that.

Well. I walked it anyway and was rewarded with a view and took pictures of the neighbourhood, which is reallly pretty. It’s quite Mexican, the houses are made of stone (and not little ones, it’s just one wall)and are sometimes painted bright colours such as orange and pink. There are lots and lots of flowers and lush green trees and because of the hills I can see down the street and into the next neighbourhood. I took lots of pictures but unfortunstely I can’t upload them here because I don’t have a computer.

I merely did nothing today. I sat in the backyard and read my His Dark Materials. I went to Janice’ hospital wing opening at USC, which was nice and a little weird because I didn’t know anyone and it was mostly hospital people.

It seems like everything is amazing and in a way it is, but I do get lonely. It is fine when I am with Dawn or Bradford and Katie or Janice but when I am alone at places with lots of people I feel like I’ve lost mine. Like what am I doing here, I can’t share it with anyone. And then when I come home, Holland is asleep. I am not sure if I am that good at being alone yet, but it’ll come.

  • Romke

    March 13, 2013 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Hi Imme, I understand your feeling of being alone. Wondering what the heck you’re doing there. Well, you’re there to have a wonderful 4 weeks, enjoying LA. And to go home again after those 4 weeks. But first of all, to get the most out of those 4 weeks because time flies, mark my words. You’re already down 1 week. By the way when I was on my bike trip I sometimes had the same feeling, of asking myself what I was doing there. Have all travellers those same feelings at times? I think so. Enjoy, see you in 3 weeks time and make lots of pics, make me jealous (I already am when I read your stories). Groetjes Romke

    • Imme

      March 14, 2013 at 6:27 am Reply


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