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Healthy is the New Skinny (

I’m on the rooftop of the HNS office, the Hollywood sign is right in view. I’m in LA, center of everything in the world that is media, entertainment and, well, shallow. Then why do the people around me act so human?

I’ve been here for only two days, but yesterday I got the nice task to assist and watch Katie and Bradford shoot three gorgeous Natural Models. I feel like at that moment, my perspective on things changed. Why did it seem so important to me to achieve some kind of status with the thinness of my body? It doesn’t matter. These girls I met yesterday are all so beautiful, and I’m not ‘just’ saying that, I mean it.

When I left Holland, people I knew were skeptical, and I must say I was a bit skeptical at first too. This ideal of changing body image, the happy-go-lucky nature of the Americans, it seemed a bit much to me. Were these people questioning the world enough, or were they just drawing flowers and taking pretty pictures? Yes, the attitude here is different. But I have never met anyone as passionate about anything as the people at HNS here. They convinced the sarcasm out of me.

This is not some flakey business idea. It has to do with real people, changing the way they feel and think about themselves and others, changing their perspective. Like it did for me.

I’m all in. Healthy is the new skinny!

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