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This bugs me: agencies looking for curvy models, and when I reply with ‘how curvy?’, they respond with ‘hips 90+’. What they really mean is: hips about 93cm. How in the world are we to set ‘normal’ or a variety of different body images with people like this ruling the fashion industry?

I am supposed to be a curvy model. ‘Curvy’ in this industry apparently just means anything above breast 80- waist 60- hips 88 cm (the new fashion measurements) and anything below the plus size measurements (starting at a Dutch size 42 or UK size 14). And these curvy gals are not yet in season because they do not belong to a ‘body extreme’.

I like being a ‘curvy’ model. For me it means that I can be myself, while being a good and professional model, and no one forces me to change anything about my appearance. Also, I am still able to make art and do not have to conform to the big, smiley, German jumper kind of plus-size ideal shoot. But ‘curvy’ does not need to be a label.

Why isn’t the fashion industry opening up to this ‘inbetween’ size more? This size of no-size, but hard work, lots of initiative and character and a good model face and healthy body? Seems to be this kind of girl could still be projected onto awesome photoshop, cool scenes and a great storyline. Here’s the catch: she doesn’t fit into the sample sizes. The sample sizes of regularĀ clothing you mean? The clothing sizes that can be found in any clothing shop? Nope, sample sizes are just created for the less than 1% bodies that are allowed to create editorial art (in haute couture), or for the friendly faces of the plus size community.

I -and lots of girls my age- am not buying these kind of clothes. And when I look at art I look at the whole photo, not at how thin the model is: because it doesn’t matter. I get that labels are ‘handy’. I agree that not anyone can model, it takes hard work and a photogenic face, and I actually love that the fashion industry is slightly opening up to varieties of bodies and people: but we’re not nearly there yet.

All good models should be able to make art in their own expressive ways.

Stop living in extremes and calling everyone inbetween ‘curvy’. 90+ is not ‘curvy’. Robyn Lawley is not ‘curvy’. I am who I am.

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