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So, while you’re busy not knowing what to do with your life, try doing that some place else. It might offer some perspective.

Last March (2013) I went to Los Angeles for a month. I had just graduated, it was a super cold winter and I wanted to experience a new (and warmer) environment. Also, I craved to see whether all stereotypes concerning L.A. were true..READ MORE

Capetown Conversations (TwentySomeTraveller)

Floating high above my holiday wish list is Cape Town, South Africa. This has grown more urgent in the past few years due to an increasing amount of friends on Facebook visiting the city, for travel but also for living and working there. I saw the pictures, read the amazing stories and felt like this city built itself up almost unrealistically in my mind. The nature, the food, the sun, the sea, the fun language and the immense diversity of culture and people. I’ve been trying to go, to find a way to go, each year for a couple of years now but it always fails.

Whenever I talked to my boyfriend about this matter, he would flinch and call Cape Town the city “where most tourists are murdered”. I am too naïve to believe this sort of talk and frankly, I don’t want to be scared to go anywhere – cause anything can happen at any time and I don’t want to feel like I have to live in fear somewhere. Lots of girls my age went to and returned from Cape Town. Last week I had a conversation about this with a friend of mine who spent a few months in the city, as I shared my idea of working on an organic farm there (Wwoof – more about this later). Her face changed a little and she replied she didn’t quite know if that would be a good idea.READ MORE