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Valentine Gauthier (Imprint Magazine)

Valentine Gauthier
“I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and think, okay, you’re not too bad for this planet.”

Valentine Gauthier’s studio is on the top floor of a beautiful old building – of course, we are in Paris – on Rue Charlot. Her Atlas collection, full of sandy colours, leopard prints and feminine suits – and one enticingly tough looking greyish blue jacket we desperately need to save up for – invites us to speak to the designer today.
Working as an assistant and model in Martin Margiela’s artisanal studio, Valentine is continuously inspired, and finally starts her own brand in 2007 after winning the first price in the International Festival of Young Fashion Designers in Dinard. She then opens her first flagship boutique in Le Marais.
What we’re here for today is getting a feel of Valentine’s unique world: starting with those steps in the lobby, leading you upstairs with a slant so intense we actually feel a bit drunk. We want to talk about Valentine’s detailed approach to her sustainable fashion, see how she perceives the world, find out about new collections and, in all honesty, touch some of those fabrics.

Imprint: You’re working on you’re A/W 16/17 collection. We heard you were inspired by Moroccan culture?

Valentine Gauthier: Yes. It’s all inspired by Marrakesh and Morocco, but I didn’t make the collection there. When I can, I try to produce the collection in the same place I buy the fabrics, in the same place I get inspired, so everything flows naturally.READ MORE

What is an info-graphic? (Schwandt Animation)

What is an info-graphic?

An info-graphic is a visual portrayal of facts, numbers or knowledge and consists mainly of imagery, such as charts, illustrations, and maps. An info-graphic can help explaining complex information and abstract processes in a clear and appealing manner. Short captions supply an interpretation of your content.

The form of your info-graphic is largely determined by the provided information. Forms most common are data-visualisations,  process-visualisations and explanatory info-graphics. Various applications are:READ MORE

Bath in April

Bath in April is so gloriously nice and pretty it’s almost unfair to the rest of the world. Brits seem to care about the state of their neighbourhoods, and I see beds of carefully selected and planted flowers everywhere. There’s more tulips here than I’ve ever seen in the Netherlands.
Imagine a town shaped of ancient Roman buildings and houses in ‘Bath stone’, a beige-to-orange pastel stone that is quite comforting and rustic. It works to make everything feel more summery in spring and for everything to feel more autumny in winter.

Bath makes me breathe. Breathe in, exhale. It is a town of creativity and ease. Of polite queues at bus stops and students dressed up as Pokémon at night. Of Mediterranean scenes on a Saturday night when everyone is out on the town and I have to skip around short skirted legs and crying creatures with heels in their hands. Bustling with life and eerily quiet at the same time. It’s a place where I can laugh out loud with my roommates, have pic nics in the sun and talk in Dutch at the Royal Crescent or stand on the balcony with a freshly made coffee in hand and look at all the light touches. It is mine.READ MORE


Happy New Year, blarbs! I recently took the plane back to my home in Bath from my other home in Arnhem – well, not directly, that would’ve been too easy – and re-experienced some of my earliest moving-to-the-UK thoughts. It’s less easy being back in this home now I’ve spend some quality time at my other home. That being said, I immediately know why that is, I even wrote a paper on this matter before the Christmas holidays, damn it. In this paper I explained the differences between two terms I thought of myself, namely a ‘physical home’ and an ’emotive home’. I explained how these types of homes relate to each other and that one doesn’t necessarily always have an emotive home, as this is to do with where you most feel at home.

And for me, my emotive home turns out to be people. My close-knit group of friends who are all insane and feel like my self-chosen family. You guys are my home. And wherever I am attaching people to me, that becomes home, too. Especially when it’s so cute as Bath. However, since I’ve landed I’ve not yet seen many people here and I guess that the more familiar faces I see, the more I feel at home here again. Easy peasy. And in the meantime, I will write.

Oh, right, my new year’s resolutions? Hug more. Cause this weekend I had a slumber party/sleep over with some of my friends that never used to be huggers, and we were all on one huge air bed, six of us, sprawled on top of each other, heads on bellies, and it was the best thing ever.
Happy 2015.

Ha Ha

Hello my fellow Britainianainas.
I am a new-born.
I was born in Bath and am quite lethargic. No, not lethargic at all. It’s not the right word.
It’s just, my mind is so effortlessly blank I have no depressed feelings to share.
I am a new-born.
And I am happy.

I didn’t think moving was this easy, especially to a different country. I didn’t think I would be moving on this fast. I didn’t think I would be enjoying myself quite so much and worry quite so little. And I certainly didn’t think I wouldn’t be really missing anyone.
But the truth is out there.
This is my place now!


I can do this.

I am moving to England in a week and it has all been so surreal. Is so surreal. Maarten and I pushed ourselves into one of our rooms with all of our stuff and decided that we were going to live like just-moved-out teens for 17 days, and this includes the bad eating habits and the lack of energy. Unfortunately, my last two weeks in the Netherlands now feel odd, instead of, ahh I’m so going to miss this. I don’t know if I will miss this.

Last weekend I had my going away party, which was a lot of fun, lots of people came to say ‘hey!’ and ‘goodbye!’, though it didn’t feel like a goodbye cause half of the party were people I will still be seeing before I leave. So they made it feel like nothing is going to happen. This is why it’s so surreal. I feel like I am totally prepared, I’ve done all my stuff, I’ve arranged everything, I’ve packed.. but still there’s this overpowering emotion of nothingness. Why don’t I feel more.. shaken?READ MORE

A world of pleasantness

This weekend I was stumbling around Best Kept Secret festival with friends and the boyfriend. It was very much all you ever hope for in a festival. It’s situated in a foresty environment with lots of trees caring for you, and bringing shade. Next to the forest there’s a big sandy field, surrounded by a lake you can swim in, as long as you’re not naked (apparently). All big acts playing the main stage look out over this field with its lake next to it, and each and every one of them seems to be stunned by the pretty view.

It’s such a lovely thing, this festival, that audience and performer seem to share this opinion and marvel about it. I’ve seen lots of artists actually trotting the festival grounds when they were done playing, and it made for a very relaxed atmosphere. They book little and bigger bands and it’s so much fun exploring new music and dancing to music you used to listen to all the time when you were younger (Franz Ferdinand! Amazing perfomance. Or Belle & Sebastian’s sweet tunes). I want to come here every year.READ MORE


I just read this message on an old blog of mine. Wow. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Hi. I am looking for master/graduate programmes abroad and it is scary, yet so exciting! I really, really want to do this, I’ve always wanted to go abroad but I never quite made it (sad). And I can only blame myself for being too attached to my surroundings, friends, family, boyfriend. I wonder if I would survive abroad and that is just why I want to do it, test myself. Furthermore, of course, there’s writing. There has always been writing. I just.. I can be emotional about writing: mad, crazy, smiling, grinning, dancing around, shivers everywhere, a bouncing stomach. It is creating life, on paper, but mostly in my head and I don’t know what else I should do.

It’s not even that I see myself as that great a writer, I just want to, need to, succeed in it. Make it my own.

So please, any Creative Writing master’s programme, accept me. Thank you.


I think I haven’t been completely honest with my own feelings and it’s hard to write this down. Come to think of it, I think I’ve not let myself have any personal feelings for the past half year or so. Everything was clouded with expectations, and most of all, fixing the world.

Now, that is an interesting ideal, fixing the world, and I’m not in any case speaking against it. However, it’s very easy to float off to some muddy shore, someplace you don’t know very well, to do some making-the-world-a-better-place there. Whenever I’m on a fixing spree, I’m focused on everything but my personal feelings. I’m not even focused on someone else’s feelings so much, as to me, the truth has little to do with being kind, and a lot with being forward. I’m the one you go to when everyone says it doesn’t matter what you do, to tell you straight up, it does. And quit messing around. Yeah.READ MORE

No More “Women’s Magazines” (beautyisnotanumber.com)

To be completely honest with you, I have been stalling this piece. I wasn’t afraid of writing it, the reactions, or even of the message I’m sending out to all of you with this article. No, it’s just always a bit weird to say goodbye to something I’ve cherished for so long: writing about weight issues.

Recently I picked up a copy of a Dutch women’s magazine. I had received a magazine subscription and chose this particular title because I thought it was fun, sarcastic and good to women. Well, I have been wrong before. However much anti-feminist the magazine was I wouldn’t want to bother you with (okay: notice how a “men’s magazine” isn’t an actual title, as men’s magazines are magazines about just anything, filling seventy-five percent of a magazine shelf in a book store), but however much anti-woman any women’s magazine is is beyond me.READ MORE