Cape Town brochure (Abroad Internships)

Cape Town brochure (Abroad Internships)

Neighbourhoods in Cape Town
Not familiar with Cape Town? No worries! In Cape Town, almost everything is extremely beautiful. There are lots of different neighbourhoods, all with a different vibe. It all depends on where you feel at ease! Gardens is green, hip and within walking distance from the city centre. A very good area to live in! A fun place to visit is Observatory, where there’s a good blend of locals and students. Most people here walk around barefoot and there are loads of cool, tropical bars. Woodstock is very artsy: you can have amazing breakfasts and lunches there and buy all sorts of crafty items. A little bit more low-key, a little bit hippie: no one’s surprised when you walk around in a bikini top and shorts in this area. Sea Point and Clifton Beach are pretty beach neighbourhoods, home to a sociable beach atmosphere, looking out over the mountains!

Travelling within Cape Town
Cape Town is a big city, where most people travel around by car. Public transport is not the most efficient, but definitely doable. Golden Arrow and MyCiTi buses take you through the city for a decent amount of money (and without extra tourist stops), taxi companies like Excite and Unicab are trustworthy and British taxi lookalike Rikki takes you along for a fixed price. If you want to go the easiest, fastest way – there’s Uber. Cape Town also has a train line, but unfortunately you can’t count on the train to arrive or leave on time. Taking the train anyway? Buy a first class ticket and travel during peak time.

To conclude
Doing an internship abroad is a unique and extraordinary experience. You will get to know yourself in ways you didn’t imagine possible, and learn a LOT. Living/interning abroad is an enriching, highly educative and particularly awesome experience! You won’t just get to know another culture; you’ll meet people from all over the world! We’d love to be updated about your internship, the progress you make and the fun adventures you go on. Take any good pictures? Sure, we’ll have them!
If you have any questions, you can always contact your consultant. Don’t hesitate, even during your internship, to ask us any questions.
We wish you all the luck in the world, but first and foremost: have an AMAZING time during your internship abroad!
Extract from Cape Town brochure for Abroad Internships, first written in Dutch, then translated to English.

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