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Goodmorning stuffy head, sniffy nose and redhot forehead. Apparently, flu has been around in LA and somehow, it got me. It feels stupid to be ill when you’re just days into a great new adventure, but on the other hand, the weather isn’t at its best yet and I still have a month here!

The day before yesterday I mainly spent on HNS’ roof deck, lying in the sun to gain some vitamin D and listen to Alt-J. I see the Hollywood sign everyday but I’m not sure how it makes me feel. I might just be in the car and suddenly spot it and remind myself that OH right, I’m in LA. Weird. It doesn’t feeel like I’m in the hometown of the famous, not really. We cross Hollywood blvd everyday and I see the stars in the pavement but it doesn’t spark any excitement. Maybe because I hadn’t been to the US before, cause I’m more interested in the general US attitude and its lifestyle and shops.

After lying there I went downstairs to help with another shoot, the cool and funny Blayke, before grabbing lunch at Chipotle (surprise!) and heading out to the beautiful Griffith Park to shoot some more pictures. Wow. I think I must be a California-nature-person more than an LA-fame-craving girl. Griffith Park was supergreen and still exotic and Spanish looking and I had a great view of Los Angeles’ hills, little houses and villas and just the overall big city. We were just at one spot so I must go back there!

That night I ordered Thai food, still haven’t been to the grocery store yet! I just learned how to walk there so I might do that this afternoon. Ordering food is as expensive as at home because there’s a minimum amount you have to pay before they would deliver it. Mine got delivered by a real Thai person, which made me happy. The food was really good, it came with chopsticks and saté is called Satay here, which makes me laugh cause it sounds so decadent.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare for me, well that’s too dramatic, but when you’re ill suddenly you feel superalone and far from home. At least I did. I felt feverish and luckily Bradford had just went to the pharmacy with me to buy some flu medicine (they have special products for day and nighttime) because I was brought home like a little kid. I then slept 6 hours (thanks to the nighttime medicine which comes with some kind of sleeping med) woke up, ate a breakfast muffin and went back to sleep again. Oh and I watched Wie Is De Mol on the ipad, which was sooo fun!

Now it’s Friday. I’m still at home resting but as I said earlier, I might walk into Hollywood this afternoon. Happy International Women’s Day!


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