I just read this message on an old blog of mine. Wow. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Hi. I am looking for master/graduate programmes abroad and it is scary, yet so exciting! I really, really want to do this, I’ve always wanted to go abroad but I never quite made it (sad). And I can only blame myself for being too attached to my surroundings, friends, family, boyfriend. I wonder if I would survive abroad and that is just why I want to do it, test myself. Furthermore, of course, there’s writing. There has always been writing. I just.. I can be emotional about writing: mad, crazy, smiling, grinning, dancing around, shivers everywhere, a bouncing stomach. It is creating life, on paper, but mostly in my head and I don’t know what else I should do.

It’s not even that I see myself as that great a writer, I just want to, need to, succeed in it. Make it my own.

So please, any Creative Writing master’s programme, accept me. Thank you.

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