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I work as a freelance writer, editor and translator. In my personal life, I am a whirl wind book reader, avid explorer of the world and lover of sunny picnics. My passion for writing and playing with text and language has been manifesting itself since I was very little – both of my parents are librarians.


I am fluent in English and Dutch, and a true grammar addict. I am detailed and want your paragraphs to be part of a well-maintained and wholesome piece. In writing fiction or copy, my focus has always been on people: characterising and profiling is what I excel at. Introspectively, I’m always facing outward. Discovering, exploring, portraying people. Learning more about the process behind a decision, a job change or a piece of art. How do you create? What is the point of view within your world? What makes you, well, you?


I have a BA in English language & culture (Utrecht University) and an MA in Creative Writing (Bath Spa University), during which process I was mentored one on one by the lovely Fay Weldon.


After exploring the worlds of online journalism, content marketing and social media at various companies, I dove headfirst into the freelance writing industry. Today, I have more than 5 years of experience concepting, writing, rewriting, translating, producing and proofreading texts. Educated as a fiction writer of mostly English texts, I first and foremost look at the flow and originality of individual words and sentences. My experience in writing commercially adds a focus on the involvement of your readers.

By Iris Tempelaar
By Iris Tempelaar