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A world of pleasantness

This weekend I was stumbling around Best Kept Secret festival with friends and the boyfriend. It was very much all you ever hope for in a festival. It’s situated in a foresty environment with lots of trees caring for you, and bringing shade. Next to the forest there’s a big sandy field, surrounded by a lake you can swim in, as long as you’re not naked (apparently). All big acts playing the main stage look out over this field with its lake next to it, and each and every one of them seems to be stunned by the pretty view.

It’s such a lovely thing, this festival, that audience and performer seem to share this opinion and marvel about it. I’ve seen lots of artists actually trotting the festival grounds when they were done playing, and it made for a very relaxed atmosphere. They book little and bigger bands and it’s so much fun exploring new music and dancing to music you used to listen to all the time when you were younger (Franz Ferdinand! Amazing perfomance. Or Belle & Sebastian’s sweet tunes). I want to come here every year.

Don’t get me started on the organic food line-up (there’s an actual line-up, yeah) that’s basically the best you’ve ever seen. I just wanted to eat all day long to taste everything, it’s almost an unfortunate thing there’s so much choice. When I came home I ate fries again and they didn’t taste good at all – I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat anything as good as at Best Kept Secret for a while.

And there’s the camp site.. which is fairly quiet for a festival. It has little camp site toilet/shower booths, a camping shop and lots of play structures, swings and monkey bars for us little monkeys. And if you didn’t have enough time to swing on the camp site swings, you can use the crazy amount of swings at the festival ground! Booya.

When we walked off the camp site to go home on Monday, and cried a little on the inside, we saw a truck coming in to get all the leftover food for the Dutch foodbank. Yes. Can it get any more amazing? I don’t know. Maybe with Arcade Fire.

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