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Month: March 2017

First Impressions

First Impressions

As soon as Romy and Will entered Clissold Park, she knew she’d made a mistake that she was now, still furiously, clutching. She shouldn’t have put her heart and soul into the gift. It had been a complete error in her brain. The heat, she cursed, it was all on the heat.


Romy and Will had been dating for a month now and it was about time she’d meet his closest friends, as he’d so confidently put it. She wasn’t too afraid to meet his friends. He was a tall, mousy haired man – architect – with a charming nose and great comedic timing. A good taste in people was a given, she thought. Even so, impressing them was a different story. It’s always harder to meet someone else’s friends than make your own, right? Romy had ferociously Googled and Facebooked Emily, the birthday girl, to see what she was up against. Not that she felt Emily would be a threat in any way, but some people are laidback and others are not. The woman wore her red hair short, to her shoulders. She hardly smiled in her pictures but still managed to come across as friendly, or at least approachable. Manageable, as far as first impressions went.

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