January 2015 - Imme Visser
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Happy New Year, blarbs! I recently took the plane back to my home in Bath from my other home in Arnhem – well, not directly, that would’ve been too easy – and re-experienced some of my earliest moving-to-the-UK thoughts. It’s less easy being back in this home now I’ve spend some quality time at my other home. That being said, I immediately know why that is, I even wrote a paper on this matter before the Christmas holidays, damn it. In this paper I explained the differences between two terms I thought of myself, namely a ‘physical home’ and an ’emotive home’. I explained how these types of homes relate to each other and that one doesn’t necessarily always have an emotive home, as this is to do with where you most feel at home.

And for me, my emotive home turns out to be people. My close-knit group of friends who are all insane and feel like my self-chosen family. You guys are my home. And wherever I am attaching people to me, that becomes home, too. Especially when it’s so cute as Bath. However, since I’ve landed I’ve not yet seen many people here and I guess that the more familiar faces I see, the more I feel at home here again. Easy peasy. And in the meantime, I will write.

Oh, right, my new year’s resolutions? Hug more. Cause this weekend I had a slumber party/sleep over with some of my friends that never used to be huggers, and we were all on one huge air bed, six of us, sprawled on top of each other, heads on bellies, and it was the best thing ever.
Happy 2015.