June 2014 - Imme Visser
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A world of pleasantness

This weekend I was stumbling around Best Kept Secret festival with friends and the boyfriend. It was very much all you ever hope for in a festival. It’s situated in a foresty environment with lots of trees caring for you, and bringing shade. Next to the forest there’s a big sandy field, surrounded by a lake you can swim in, as long as you’re not naked (apparently). All big acts playing the main stage look out over this field with its lake next to it, and each and every one of them seems to be stunned by the pretty view.

It’s such a lovely thing, this festival, that audience and performer seem to share this opinion and marvel about it. I’ve seen lots of artists actually trotting the festival grounds when they were done playing, and it made for a very relaxed atmosphere. They book little and bigger bands and it’s so much fun exploring new music and dancing to music you used to listen to all the time when you were younger (Franz Ferdinand! Amazing perfomance. Or Belle & Sebastian’s sweet tunes). I want to come here every year.READ MORE


I just read this message on an old blog of mine. Wow. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Hi. I am looking for master/graduate programmes abroad and it is scary, yet so exciting! I really, really want to do this, I’ve always wanted to go abroad but I never quite made it (sad). And I can only blame myself for being too attached to my surroundings, friends, family, boyfriend. I wonder if I would survive abroad and that is just why I want to do it, test myself. Furthermore, of course, there’s writing. There has always been writing. I just.. I can be emotional about writing: mad, crazy, smiling, grinning, dancing around, shivers everywhere, a bouncing stomach. It is creating life, on paper, but mostly in my head and I don’t know what else I should do.

It’s not even that I see myself as that great a writer, I just want to, need to, succeed in it. Make it my own.

So please, any Creative Writing master’s programme, accept me. Thank you.