January 2014 - Imme Visser
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No More “Women’s Magazines” (beautyisnotanumber.com)

To be completely honest with you, I have been stalling this piece. I wasn’t afraid of writing it, the reactions, or even of the message I’m sending out to all of you with this article. No, it’s just always a bit weird to say goodbye to something I’ve cherished for so long: writing about weight issues.

Recently I picked up a copy of a Dutch women’s magazine. I had received a magazine subscription and chose this particular title because I thought it was fun, sarcastic and good to women. Well, I have been wrong before. However much anti-feminist the magazine was I wouldn’t want to bother you with (okay: notice how a “men’s magazine” isn’t an actual title, as men’s magazines are magazines about just anything, filling seventy-five percent of a magazine shelf in a book store), but however much anti-woman any women’s magazine is is beyond me.READ MORE

Keep control (fiction)

They were on an airplane from Dublin to Prague. One of them was Olivia, desperately trying to sleep. However short the flight was, about two hours and twenty minutes, she wished someone could knock her out right now so she wouldn’t have to experience any of it. She was on her way to her grandparents, to stay there for a week. It was almost Christmas and she hadn’t seen them in a while, perhaps hadn’t seen them since they moved to Prague? She couldn’t really remember. Her grampa was Czech and always bragging about ‘the most beautiful city in Europe’, so there, now she was on this plane. By herself. Olivia had never been to Prague, heck, she’d never really flown before, except for that time when they went to Canada, but then she had been about five years old so she didn’t recall a lot of.. anything. It didn’t count.

Behind Olivia was a couple in, she guessed, their late twenties, they looked quite hipster. He wore these tortoise purposely old-looking glasses and had a really full beard. The woman had purple streaks in her dark hair and that looked cool. What she didn’t get though was that she was wearing this fifties style dress with, what must be, a corset. Why was this woman behind her wearing a corset on an airplane?! Luckily her grandparents booked her good seats so she could order the free wine. Maybe she’d fall asleep then. The guy behind her was pretty good looking. They looked like a cute couple together. She might just read something in a bit, maybe her eyes would get tired and she would just doze off.READ MORE