September 2013 - Imme Visser
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Stable Boy (fiction)

Three sets of bikinis are stalled out on my bed. Pink with polka dots, blue with ruffles or simple black, but classy?
I decide my breasts look best in the blue bikini and pack it in.
“It’s grand,” Val says. Val is grand. Her body is long and slender but with a firm butt, and she seems to have a tan most of the year. I look at her in her new green bikini and want to crawl back to bed. But no, we’re going to this ‘grand’ pool in Redditch where the water is icy blue and the people are all toned up. I believe this pool was in some sort of top 10 in a magazine, but whether that was a list of Unbelievably Pretty Swimming Pools or a list of Fabulous People I Don’t Ever Want To Meet – Around a Pool, I couldn’t say.
Val’s not even going to wear something over her bikini, she’s just going to be strutting through the city like this, I feel it. She must have chosen me as her swimming buddy as some Thing people can compare her with. Or so she can cheer me on when I’m actually going in the pool, while she’s tanning on the edge. Yes. Needless to say, I feel very excited about this trip.

I shouldn’t whine. Honestly, I’m okay with going to pools. Nothing’s as refreshing as seeing we’re all so.. human. Four hundred bodies together, all sweating from the heat, some sun-burnt, some actually tanned, no one perfect. When we arrive though, I can see this is no average swimming pool. Four perfectly square pools are lined up with a neurotic kind of symmetry. No fun dolphin shaped pools, no, this swimming pool has really made it. The pools are surrounded by an endless field of trimmed grass and harmoniously planted trees and are connected by glass bridges with water streaming inside them.
“It’s so they keep cool,” Val says before I can say something.
“Someone should keep their cool, yes,” I answer.READ MORE

Woensdag (droom)

We lopen over het stukje van het pretpark waar alle eetkraampjes en stalletjes zijn. Mijn vader en ik. Er is een openlucht supermarktje opgezet, alle vormgeving lichtgroen en kalm. Een beetje als een Marks & Spencer’s. Ik zie allebei mijn opa’s met schorten in de kleuren van de supermarkt, de een prijst artikelen en de ander vult vakken. Mijn opa’s zijn allebei overleden.

“Kijk,” zeg ik. Mijn vader en ik weten allebei dat dit een illusie is, dat we dit dromen, dat de beelden die we zien niet echt zijn. Maar het pijnigt hem meer dan mij. Ik ben alleen een beetje bezorgd over de rug van mijn opa die vakken vult.

Dan is het opeens tijd om de trein te pakken naar de uitgang van het park. Helaas zitten mijn mocassins bij de kassa in een kluisje en heb ik geen tijd meer om ze op te halen. Dus loop ik op mijn sokken. De trein stopt te ver van het perron en Maarten en ik lopen over een regenachtig stuk steen langs de trein en een muur terug naar het perron. Daar wacht ik, op mijn natte sokken.

Why I post

I could tell you all about the amount of coffee I drink in a day, what my opinion is about Billie chasing my feet around the house, how you ALWAYS fart on sleepover parties while lying very still in the hopes no one is still awake, how much bullshit articles exist in most women’s magazines that are there to sell you stuff, how much I like the bird on my mug, how I always disappoint myself dying my own hair cause it’s never 100% the right colour, or that I don’t have the right posture when I’m sitting here typing this.

But I won’t. I know it’s really important for many people – and it once was for me – to post as often as possible on their blog, but I decided to only post things that matter. Articles I’ve written about significant matters, tiny stories about what I’ve dreamt, attempts to write in Dutch, short stories, stories I wrote for my online course, travel stories from when I was feeling lonely and happy, it can really be anything. I kind of live on emotions. And that should show.

So if that means I’ll be posting here only once a month, so be it. Of course, if I ever write a fantastic piece on farting in your sleep, you’ll be the first to know.


Maxey for Cabiria

Maxey for Cabiria

 “I’m curvy, only 5’7 and just walked New York Fashion Week!” gushes Maxey Greene. The 23-year-old model (MSA Models) was one of the girls at the Cabiria fashion show last Friday, the first plus size collection EVER to show at NYFW. According to Cabiria’s website, the label “is dedicated to this attitude of daring audacity. We celebrate women in beautifully made, well cut, modern clothing that shows off their figures.”

 Moreover, designer Eden Miller hopes the show won’t become a big issue, explaining “I’ll be happy to get press coverage…but I’m really hoping that it’s seen just as the other offerings at fashion week.”READ MORE