May 2013 - Imme Visser
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Central (fiction)

She opened the windows and climbed out onto the balcony. Her house was the one house in the street that had a balcony on this side, looking out on the street, so she looked rather like a dramatic Juliet, waiting for someone to serenade her. Only Juliet wouldn’t have her breasts out in the middle of the day, nor would she smoke half a pack of cigarettes in 10 minutes.

Dahlia sat down against the warm wall and let her dark hair fall over her phone so she could see the screen. Her boss had called a while ago, she noticed. Well, she was too late now anyway.

She lit another cigarette and scanned the houses across the street. Windows, just as light and obvious as hers, but there was no one inside. No one to stare back at her. No one on the street below her to make a fuss about or throw something at. No one to care about her bare breasts.READ MORE

Vrijdag (droom)

Ik had op de dijk gemikt, maar ik had zoveel vaart dat ik er naast vloog. Helaas. Isabel’s rozige haar fleurde op in de zon en ik voelde me op mijn gemak.

“Er zijn olifanten in de rivier,” zei ze.

Ik dacht hierover na. Vanochtend zwom ik nog in deze rivier, ik had geen olifanten gezien. Wat gevaarlijk! Ik klom op de dijk en zag, inderdaad, één olifant in de rivier. Een mevrouw probeerde langs het beest te zwemmen maar hij duwde haar onder.

Lot wilde niet dat ik haar zag.

Maandag (droom)

Ik twijfel niet, ik ren, de anderen volgen mij, en ik spring uit het raam. Rechts zie ik grote, monsterlijke stenen waterslangen (Gyarados) en ik wijk uit naar links. Een boom. Ik red het niet, ik val op de grond, maar dit kan. Ik zie de blonde vrouw vertwijfeld uit het raam kijken, ze gaat niet springen. Vandaag lukte het.

Wrong fit (

After watching a plus size model on ANTM struggling to get into her clothes, I felt a weird stab of recognition. How many times had I not struggled to get on a pair of pants while still trying to smile and act okay? I know realise I would think it was my fault: I hadn’t lost enough weight to fit those clothes and I should apologize to the stylist.

Nicole Anne Roberts

Nicole Anne Roberts










This is one of the pictures where I was wearing a pair of jeans that wasn’t zipped up. Actually all the pictures here show me in clothes that were too small. Of course you can’t see this, but I could feel the shame. READ MORE

Healthy is the New Skinny (

I’m on the rooftop of the HNS office, the Hollywood sign is right in view. I’m in LA, center of everything in the world that is media, entertainment and, well, shallow. Then why do the people around me act so human?

I’ve been here for only two days, but yesterday I got the nice task to assist and watch Katie and Bradford shoot three gorgeous Natural Models. I feel like at that moment, my perspective on things changed. Why did it seem so important to me to achieve some kind of status with the thinness of my body? It doesn’t matter. These girls I met yesterday are all so beautiful, and I’m not ‘just’ saying that, I mean it.READ MORE

Food (

Do you ever flick through a magazine and feel bombarded with food info you want to store away in some sort of room in your brain for later recall? In my work as a straight-sized model I came across lots and lots of people wanting to give advice on how to eat. First, of course, I believed everything, and kept adapting to new diets. When one particular diet kind of screwed up my body, I stopped looking at food as a tool to lose weight, and became more critical. Because what is good food?

I am not going to give you any advice, because honestly? I don’t know. I believe everyone is familiar with the specific don’t-eat-carbs diets or just-drink-juices-all-day diets, or, even more extreme, the drink-maple-syrup-all-day diet (What?).READ MORE

As Portrayed in the Media (

As I was studying for a presentation on gender in the Renaissance, I found out more about men and women’s functions in that particular society in Europe. A line in my presentation actually read “women in Renaissance society were more valued for their physical features” and although I practised my presentation a thousand times, it just hit me that this is still happening.

My boyfriend said to me yesterday, that Michelle Obama looked really stunning at the inauguration. “Really,” I said, “And did she say anything good?” He didn’t know. And it hit him too.READ MORE

Not Everyone Fears a Butt (

Good afternoon,

Today (and probably always) I will be representing The Butt. Fashion now has more or less accepted that some women have larger breasts (think Lara Stone) and made an icon out of those, but has not yet willingly acknowledged the bum area. I hope femininity is not only restricted to the upper area of your body, thank you.

Not everyone fears a butt, though. I’ve done shoots with photographers that were, to say the least, horrified that I had to work mine off to become a successful fashion model. I’ve had lingerieladies gasping with pleasure because they had finally found someone that could actually fill up the undies they brought with them. Fine, most of the time I could not fit into the tiny Italian jeans the stylists brought with them. One time, an art student actually ripped open (!) one of her own designs and tore it off my body because it didn’t fit all the way over my hips, which left me quite traumatised. Ups and downs, people, ups and downs.READ MORE

Into the Modeling Scene (

Good afternoon from the tiny European country that is the Netherlands! I’m Imme, 22 years old and passionate about anything creative. I’m almost finished studying English literature and culture, parttime curve/plus size model and aspirant author. I live together with my awesome beardy boyfriend in a tiny house that’s full of books. I like drinking coffee in town with friends, going to concerts and see films, playing with strange cats, Autumn, eating pizza, planning holiday or city trips abroad, and my bed. I believe in feminism and being kind. Imagination is key.

Now you know me a little bit better, let’s start reminiscing stories of the past and create new ones! I was thrown into this strange world that is modelling when I was about 17, signed to a big Dutch agency and started losing weight. As you may know, the Netherlands is a big, big pond full of long-legged, mainly blonde, symmetrically-faced girls, such as Lara Stone (alright, half British), Doutzen Kroes, Daphne Groeneveld, Bette Franke, Bregje Heinen, Saskia de Brauw, Rianne ten Haken, etcetera.READ MORE