April 2013 - Imme Visser
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I’m biking down the hill, non-peddalling, with the rain on my face. Drips, drips. Here it comes, the unavoidable sun, of what’s just happened and what’s been done. I’m flowing. I’m crossing the most beautiful bridge in the world. There’s a willow tree reaching down in the dark. No one will approach me.

Sometimes I’m walking, just walking, through the neighbourhood, wondering what’s changed. I’ve kind of lived here all my life, nearby, but it never struck me as happiness. Today the sun is out and Maarten and I are discovering. There’s this lingering atmosphere of decreasing and increasing interest at the same time, of raw versus posh cosiness. People are sitting outside cafés drinking cappuccinos and beers. I’m wearing my new sunglasses and holding onto a sweet hand. Carrying a see-through bag with a corny pillow portraying three kittens looking all dazed and confused. I’m all sweaty from walking these hills but I don’t care.READ MORE


As I’ll be leaving this country tomorrow, there ought to be some kind of conclusion. The United States of America. Los Angeles. Hollywood. The conclusion must be that it is too easy to judge.

Is Hollywood glitz & glam & famous actors everywhere? I am afraid not. There might be actors running around but they’re hidden safely behind their car windows and although I saw one, that was random ‘good luck’. I know the ‘actors are people’ thing is annoying, but really, there’s nothing that exciting about seeing another human being, especially one you don’t know personally. So Hollywood boulevard then? I’ve learned that it is a place full of superheroes and villains (from Captain America to Bane), crazy people, tourists that crave fame and use it as their personal runway, the odd Angry Bird and a lot of youngsters on skateboards.READ MORE