March 2013 - Page 2 of 2 - Imme Visser
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I want to say Day 2

I won’t update this every day but I am still in a rush of excitement. Today I helped out shooting three gorgeous plus size models and everything suddenly clicked in my head. Yes, models are human beings. Why am I thinking in ways that define the shape of my body as a sort of status? It’s bull. That’s the American kicking in.

I can confirm that I immediately started speaking in thick r’s and l’s and even suddenly sometimes use some American slang. Feels weird but also natural. Like everything. READ MORE

Starry skies

At the moment I am in a huge soft bed, listening to Mexican workers who are in the backyard, fixing something in the house. I am cursing this ipad cause it is changing all my words. Anyway, the workers sound exactly the same as they would in Holland, murmuring, laughing, playing music, being loud. Only in Spanish.

Yesterday was very, very long and the time kept changing on me. Maybe that is why I am awake at 7 in the morning right now, ready to get up and take a shower, cause my armpits have been through a lot.READ MORE