March 2013 - Imme Visser
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Things I want to scream at Americans

It is not all about calories! Calories are not important! Calories are not your enemy! God! Stop talking about calories!

Whatever the hell Kim Kardashian wears when she is pregnant is no one’s business! It doesn’t make you look smarter, tv presenter woman, talking about how Kims pregnant body looks in a dress ‘that is not flattering’. SHE IS PREGNANT. Baby!READ MORE


And then suddenly, 4 days to go. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It feels weird and a bit sad but also super exciting to go home!

Yesterday at around four I came back from a family vacation – with Blayke’s family, that is – to Yuma, where we stayed from Monday to Wednesday. There was just the big open desert, the Quechan reservation and the casino resort full of old people (or those that stayed too long in the pool), but it was so much fun to me. We even did an easter egg hunt around the pool, looking for eggs that had your name on it, and that felt so much like my own easter family vacation (that is happening this weekend, at home, not envying them in this weather). READ MORE

Thank you

Even though I have the hiccups now, I feel so content. I have had the best two days! On Wednesday Blayke, a model I met on the second day I was here, picked me up and we drove all the way down to San Diego. It is such a relaxed feeling to be out of LA for a while and San Diego felt much more towny: we went to the harbour where people rode their bikes and there were all kinds of souvenir shops and cafés with people sitting outside. A Vlieland-feeling, almost. We took the ferry to downtown San Diego and although it was more city-esque, the whole atmosphere felt smaller and maybe a bit European even: cafés and little restaurants and bars instead of fastfood chains. After we had walked around for a while and had a ridiculous candy-buying incident (the lady behind the counter weighed our candy and wanted to charge us about 18 dollars so we scooped half of the candy out) we went back on the ferry and drove to Blayke’s favourite restaurant, where her mom and aunt were waiting for us. They were both superwelcoming and hugged me and that felt very different from LA as well.READ MORE

High hopes but low expectations

The couple past weeks I have been promised cool trips to USA cities, nature parks and whatnot, and people have cancelled them. I get that these people live their lives here and are not on vacation, like me. However, sometimes I find myself waiting for a certain day in the week cause I’d have plans with someone, and they would cancel on me the night before. Apparently this is an LA mindset, living by the day, and I get where it’s coming from, but I hate it.READ MORE


I am positively sure that I want to move. I just moved, within the country, to a place where there is more nature. When I compare Arnhem’s nature to LA’s nature, which isn’t really fair, I just.. I would immediately move to California if I could take everyone with me. LA sounds like a big, big city where people are shallow and only care about their personal achievements, and while this might be true on tv and maybe partly in real life – Hollywood for the dreams of being famous and Beverly Hills for the dreams of being pergect, and more rich – there is a whole lot more to LA. Hidden behind this cloud of cars and food (not that there’s clouds here often) are outstretched, uncrowded beaches, huge hilly green parks, rocky redbrown mountains, deserts with beautiful sunsets and cactusses as far as you can look and luscious big plants and palmtrees that make every street look alive and green. You can go to the beach in and swim in the ocean on the same day as going skiing in the mountains. There’s endless possibilities. And that goes for everything here, probably.READ MORE

Sound of the Police

Yesterday might have been the warmest day this week, if you think 30 degrees is warm for winter, which I do. Still, we went out shooting and after hair and make-up was done at Katie and Bradfords house and I looked like a 50s housewife, we drove away. Not before stopping at Subway where I walked in, curlers in my hair and all, to buy a sandwich. Apparently this is totally normal in Hollywood as no one really looked surprised.

Anyway. We drove to Malibu Mountain state park, which was incredibly beautiful, curvy roads through mountains and hills of grass and green and trees and rocks. We stopped at a pond that looked like it came out of a movie: picknick tables surrounded it and there were blossom trees and boats.READ MORE



When I used to watch The Hills on MTV it didn’t occur to me. When I saw Hollywood Hills on the map it didn’t occur. When I was in the car and actually saw them, it didn’t occur to me. THESE HILLS ARE F-ING STEEP! I was dropped somewhere far far on Hollywood boulevard and decided to walk home. Hollywood bl was okay, it was busy and I saw Bane and Star Wars people and Snowwhite, but it was flat. Then I had to walk north towards where I live and this one hill was so steep that it looked like I wouldn’t even been able to walk on it. Like it was vertical. I used to dream about roads like that.READ MORE


Since I’ve been here for a week now, let’s try to define the American. Luckily there’s only millions of them and sure, they’re all the same. I’m guilty of thinking this way. What we see on television, internet and movies back home might be partly true, but here are some things I found out about living in the US and encounters with random American strangers:READ MORE

Weekend in the sun

Saturday I woke up super content with the sunshine coming through the shutters. Finally. Spring, or, LA weather. Me and Janice (Katies mom) went to the grocery store (Trader Joe’s) to buy stuff for me and so I eventually, after a week’s time, bought my own homefood so I won’t need to eat out all the time. And the best granola! Fruit is expensive here, unfortunately, and soare macadamias and frozen pizza.

After lunch Dawn (Curacao girl) came to pick me up in a cute little car with the music blasting through the roof window. California-road trip-style. When I opened the door there also happened to be a tiny dog inside, Hollywood style! We drove to Griffith Park to go visit the old or abandoned Zoo and when we had asked about 35 people the way, we found it. There were still old cages from when the zoo was open years ago and overall it was just a beautiful park. After that we parked the car somewhere to watch the view over LA and walked up to the observatory. It was beautiful again. Everything is.READ MORE


Goodmorning stuffy head, sniffy nose and redhot forehead. Apparently, flu has been around in LA and somehow, it got me. It feels stupid to be ill when you’re just days into a great new adventure, but on the other hand, the weather isn’t at its best yet and I still have a month here!

The day before yesterday I mainly spent on HNS’ roof deck, lying in the sun to gain some vitamin D and listen to Alt-J. I see the Hollywood sign everyday but I’m not sure how it makes me feel. I might just be in the car and suddenly spot it and remind myself that OH right, I’m in LA. Weird. It doesn’t feeel like I’m in the hometown of the famous, not really.READ MORE