November 2012 - Imme Visser
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How did I enroll into the modeling business? How did I apply? Who did I have an interview with before I got the job? In a way, perhaps there should be something like this: a job interview for aspiring models.

First of all, boys and girls are suggested to dress appropriately, like tiny hipsters. They should name ten designers and for which fashion house they are working. Next, they are to stand in a front of a huge white wall with a spotlight directly into their eyes, which they must not close at any time. Three extras are instructed to come in and pluck the boys’ and girls’ eyebrows and painfully brush their hair in the wrong direction.READ MORE

The Sleepless

Students are the sleepless, coffee slurping creatures of the world: up from dusk till dawn writing essays, papers and presentations while lurking on Facebook and Tumblr and laughing hysterically at things that shouldn’t matter. When the light comes up, we stay in bed: we wrote our papers and handed them in, why should we go to class?

This is a stereotype that normally doesn’t concern me, but you’re meeting me at a strange point in my life. I’m nearly graduating, nearly as in, at the end of January. And at the very end of studying this literary bomb that is English, I’m suddenly turning into a clich├ęd student. READ MORE

Bark bark

This is a test.