I write a different story. One that’s for you.

You’ve just started a (creative) company and know exactly what you do. What you create. Putting that in words is a different story. I’d love to talk to you to get to know you. See how your personality shapes your work. Create you a bio, an artist’s portrait, an interview, a review, the whole copy of your website: anything’s possible. As long as it’s honest.

You need a page, or twenty. Something to inspire your readers. To activate their minds, to make them look no further. What is it that brings people together? What is it that gets you going, makes your heart race and your blood boil?

It is words. You need words. And a writer.

Welcome to my cave of writings.
I am a fulltime wordlover, working as a fiction writer on my own book, as a content writer and translator for Abroad Internships & AtSkool and as a pop culture / gender journalist for Vileine. Next to this I gather many side projects that lightly bob around all areas of text.

This website is a showcase of all of the above. Click on my name for all relevant info. You know you want to.

Geen zorgen: ik werk ook gewoon in het Nederlands. Met een Nederlands uurtarief.

Email me: imme.visser@gmail.com
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KvK: 66921503